So, I signed up to an online sewing class via the Haby Goddess. Things have been a bit hectic around here, so I have pretty much ignored all the amazing lessons and dived straight into making.

Project #1 was meant to be a drawstring bag, with quilting cotton lovingly selected from Spotlight to complement the cheap waterproof polka dots from Ikea. So naturally, I instead put together a pair of purple PJ pants for Bubble, using a pattern from this here book. With top stitching around the elastic casing. And French seams. Because you can’t be too over-the-top when sewing for a 1-year-old.

In my defence, the flannelette was on sale (probably for a reason, it’s pretty crappy) and I thought it a good idea to practise new skills on actual garments rather than scraps of fabric (boring).

French seams on size 1 trousers are b-u-l-k-y. I think they’d be too much for a grown-up lady in the crotch area, but with a nice, cushy nappy underneath, I don’t think there will be any complaints.

The legs are a bit long for Bubble at the minute (she’s a shorty), but the waist fits her perfectly. Hopefully her legs will grow faster than her little belly!

I had tried to face the legs/cuffs with scraps of a cute flannelette I bought to make a fitted cot sheet, so the contrasting fabric peeks out when I roll them up, but I couldn’t quite work out how to fit the legs around the machine to hem them higher. I think I have worked it out now though, so in the next couple of days I think I’ll unpick them and give it another go.

I’d like to give the hems another go anyway, as one is about a centimetre longer than the other, not that it’s noticeable. I think I was a bit fed up by the end of the session, plus it was bed time and Bubble wanted to wear them (and didn’t that feel ace!).

Behold, a Bubble in purple and white star PJ pants:

I have a bit of blue flannelette with Vespas on it to make another pair and hopefully there will be enough scraps from the purple for more, too.

Other projects completed/in progress include a couple of woollen mattress underlays, up-cycled from a double bed size to fit the cot (again, you can’t be too OTT for a 1-year-old); pink matryoshka doll fitted sheet (from this My Poppet tutorial); and the above-aforementioned drawstring bags, which I am lining with waterproof fabric as wet bags for daycare accidents.

The quilting cotton I picked out for the wet bags is a bit too fabulous though, so I might attempt an Oliver + S Popover Sundress from it first, and see if there’s enough left for the bag.

I had been banned from purchasing more fabric until I completed five things from the existing stash, but there may have been a small (sister-in-law enabled) slip, so now I feel guilty and am aiming for 12 small projects before I let myself off the chain again.

Wish me luck…

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