A Grown-Up Project

This might be the beginnings of a grown-up project just for meeeee! I’m intrigued to see how it fits, since my bust, waist and hip measurements are wildly different sizes (my hips are the smallest by 3 sizes!). A muslin in a not particularly attractive, lightish cotton from the $2 at Darn Cheap Fabrics should help though.

Meanwhile, I am a bit in love with Sanae Ishida’s colour blocked Debbie Birthday Dress. I always love the drape of the fabrics she uses, the comfortable look of the garments and especially her colour palette. I love the way she’s used strong, but muted colours in this frock:

Love. Clearly K has an excellent eye for colour too. I think I will be stealing this in the future…


This afternoon, I had an hour to kill before an appointment, so I decided to ‘whip up’ Bubble’s dressing gown that had been sitting beside the machine for a week or so, ready to stitch.

This is my first experience sewing with a knit fabric (a cheap polar fleece), and… well, turns out I can’t sew in a straight line any more. Or manage to attach the correct pieces together. And unpicking a tiny zig-zag is more than a pain.

20130715-155142.jpgBest I keep practising, though. There is an order in for at least two more dressing gowns (they tend to get very messy over breakfast), and it’s not getting any warmer. Especially since our chimney is blocked, ruling out the wood heater which is the only thing that heats the whole house. And surprise, surprise, the chimney sweep has a 3+ week waiting list.

Starboard Skirt

I bought this chevron cotton drill at Spotlight a while back, purely for the colour combo. This was before I had dragged the machine out again, and before I had started to learn about how fabrics behave. I think I had this in mind for a Laurel top originally, but the print is so big I doubt I would’ve worn it. Plus, the drill is a bit heavy.

Then I came across Simple Simon & co’s Starboard Skirt tutorial. I wanted to make a skirt for myself, but thought it best I practise on the Bubble first.

I took my time with the skirt, making sure my measurements were correct and my stitching was nice and neat, but it was so darn easy to put together, I doubt it took much more than an hour.

There are very few things I’d change about it and I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. I matched the chevrons at the pleat, which looks pretty cool, but next time I’d make the pleat bigger. The tutorial recommends a bigger pleat, but I went with a smaller one because Bubble is tiny. But looking at it on her, there is definitely room for more skirt.

I also used a woven elastic, which was a mistake. It’s too strong and broad, and even though I topstitched around the casing, it still twists and folds (probably because I used 25mm instead of 20mm elastic). Next time, I’ll use knitted elastic, a bit gentler for a short person.

One other minor detail I’ll look at when I make it again is to stitch the pleat at the waistband. The tutorial recommends stitching the pleat down, but it’s lost when you fold it under. I think it would help to stitch it a bit further to stabilise it.

Sadly, when the ball pit isn’t in action, Bubble doesn’t like to pose:

She prefers to steal the phone to take selfies: