Starboard Skirt

I bought this chevron cotton drill at Spotlight a while back, purely for the colour combo. This was before I had dragged the machine out again, and before I had started to learn about how fabrics behave. I think I had this in mind for a Laurel top originally, but the print is so big I doubt I would’ve worn it. Plus, the drill is a bit heavy.

Then I came across Simple Simon & co’s Starboard Skirt tutorial. I wanted to make a skirt for myself, but thought it best I practise on the Bubble first.

I took my time with the skirt, making sure my measurements were correct and my stitching was nice and neat, but it was so darn easy to put together, I doubt it took much more than an hour.

There are very few things I’d change about it and I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. I matched the chevrons at the pleat, which looks pretty cool, but next time I’d make the pleat bigger. The tutorial recommends a bigger pleat, but I went with a smaller one because Bubble is tiny. But looking at it on her, there is definitely room for more skirt.

I also used a woven elastic, which was a mistake. It’s too strong and broad, and even though I topstitched around the casing, it still twists and folds (probably because I used 25mm instead of 20mm elastic). Next time, I’ll use knitted elastic, a bit gentler for a short person.

One other minor detail I’ll look at when I make it again is to stitch the pleat at the waistband. The tutorial recommends stitching the pleat down, but it’s lost when you fold it under. I think it would help to stitch it a bit further to stabilise it.

Sadly, when the ball pit isn’t in action, Bubble doesn’t like to pose:

She prefers to steal the phone to take selfies:



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