This afternoon, I had an hour to kill before an appointment, so I decided to ‘whip up’ Bubble’s dressing gown that had been sitting beside the machine for a week or so, ready to stitch.

This is my first experience sewing with a knit fabric (a cheap polar fleece), and… well, turns out I can’t sew in a straight line any more. Or manage to attach the correct pieces together. And unpicking a tiny zig-zag is more than a pain.

20130715-155142.jpgBest I keep practising, though. There is an order in for at least two more dressing gowns (they tend to get very messy over breakfast), and it’s not getting any warmer. Especially since our chimney is blocked, ruling out the wood heater which is the only thing that heats the whole house. And surprise, surprise, the chimney sweep has a 3+ week waiting list.


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