A Diversion

I went to visit my beautiful friend Kaz and her daughter Tilly last week. Tilly is only 8 months younger than Bubble, but the difference is huge. I didn’t realise how much I missed the giggles, gummy (or not so gummy in Tilly’s case) smiles and lovely snuggles. I’m not sure how long I got to snuggle Tilly for, but it seemed like ages and was definitely not long enough.

Kaz has been sewing some nautical themed bunting for Tilly’s room. The chevron fabric I used for Bubble’s Starboard Skirt came in a few other colour ways, so I bought a few centimetres in red, white and blue, and gave it to Kaz with the bunting in mind.

And then I stole it back.

While I was working up the courage to attempt the bias facing on my scout, I made another Starboard Skirt for Tilly, this time with two pleats.

Having learnt a bit from my first go, this time I was able to think ahead and match the pattern at the seams:

And I sewed further down the pleats to keep them secure at the waistband:

Now working on conquering my fear of knits so I can make some coordinating Beachy Boatneck tees…

…and maybe another surprise with the chevron leftovers that I haven’t told Kaz about yet, so shhh. 🙂


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