Scout Mk III

Mark III, I hear you say?

In the interest of adding to my repertoire of sewing skills (you know, learning how to do more stuff), I am trying to do something a little different with each Scout I have in mind.

Mk II was/is to be a colour blocked (pattern blocked? Is that even a thing?) version, with plain black voile for the sleeves and back, black yoke and very strong geometric pattern on the front.

20130808-125154.jpg[Someone needs a dress form…]

But when I put it together, 1) the voile feels too flimsy compared to the patterned duck (I was hoping a super light fabric would counteract the heaviness of the duck and help with the drape. Wrong). I think I need to remake it with something with a teeny bit more body, like lawn.

And 2) I wasn’t happy where the pattern started on my chest. I think it needs to come up about an inch, maybe a bit less. I was aiming for a modest level above boobs, but it ended up being more or less straight across the centre of my bust. Looks a bit weird. I’m going to try and unpick it and use the back and sleeves for Mk IV, so stand by…

I ended up making one from a red patterned sateen I got from Spotlight (learning that my taste in patterns is not very subtle). It’s a bit heavier than the blue fabric I used on the first one, but it still works. I lengthened it by 1 1/2″, but I think that’s too long. Might try for 1/2″ next time, the original length is just a wee bit short for me (Also, I now own a gauge to measure my hems. Is slightly more effective/accurate than my previous ‘eyeball it and hope for the best’ approach).

I took another couple of leaps, drafted my own tulip sleeves with the help of this tutorial, and then gave them roll hems (thank you again, Grainline).

20130808-131906.jpg[The bruise on my arm is a Bubble bite and the parallel scars are from a me vs birthday-cake-in-the-oven incident]

Pretty happy with the final product. My sewing is getting neater (please don’t look too closely at the roll hems, though. Partially through laziness, partially inexperience, I didn’t change the foot on my machine to one which would actually allow me to see what I was doing), I’m understanding the whys and hows a bit more and learning heaps.

I like the original blue Scout better, mainly because of the drape of the fabric, but also because of the fancy sleeves, I feel a bit like the shirt is wearing me, more than I it. For someone used to wearing pretty plain stuff, the sleeves feel a bit Mma Ramotswe. Which is a bit awesome, but also a bit out of my comfort zone.



Please (again) excuse the dodgy bathroom mirror selfies. One day, I’ll get it together, style myself (!) and use a REAL camera.

Some quick, easy and fun toddler clothes next, I think, followed by a few more Scouts and a bash at Laurel.

Scout mk IV involves (pretendy) smocking…

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