(Finally a) WIP

So, life has been happening, and stuff. And I finally found my machine under all the fabric I’ve been binge-buying.

Pattern is the Sally Dress.

Fabric is ‘Airplanes’ from Dear Stella’s Piper range, bought here in a fit of nostalgia (many childhood afternoons spent playing with what we called ‘helicopters’).

Nearly done, and pretty happy with it. A few rookie errors, like sewing with incorrect tension, thinking I knew better than the instructions, etc. etc. I also sewed the skirt on to the wrong side of the lining, at which point I packed it in for the night.

Should finish tomorrow and hopefully have pics of Bubble swanning about in it at a birthday party next weekend.

Unless she hates it.

Next up, I’m shamelessly copying this loud scarf from Sew Brunswick. Chance to learn how to use the cheap-arse hemming foot I bought as part of a kit on Saturday. It also came with a walking foot, so perhaps the conquering of my knit fear is in sight.

Of course, it could all just go horribly wrong and eat the fabric. I’ll let you know.