(Finally a) WIP

So, life has been happening, and stuff. And I finally found my machine under all the fabric I’ve been binge-buying.

Pattern is the Sally Dress.

Fabric is ‘Airplanes’ from Dear Stella’s Piper range, bought here in a fit of nostalgia (many childhood afternoons spent playing with what we called ‘helicopters’).

Nearly done, and pretty happy with it. A few rookie errors, like sewing with incorrect tension, thinking I knew better than the instructions, etc. etc. I also sewed the skirt on to the wrong side of the lining, at which point I packed it in for the night.

Should finish tomorrow and hopefully have pics of Bubble swanning about in it at a birthday party next weekend.

Unless she hates it.

Next up, I’m shamelessly copying this loud scarf from Sew Brunswick. Chance to learn how to use the cheap-arse hemming foot I bought as part of a kit on Saturday. It also came with a walking foot, so perhaps the conquering of my knit fear is in sight.

Of course, it could all just go horribly wrong and eat the fabric. I’ll let you know.

4 thoughts on “(Finally a) WIP

  1. Looking lovely! I have one of these planned for Miss B. I had some printing problems with the bodice pattern. I will call to see if it’s ‘just me’. Finally finished making bunting for Miss A’s class. It was actually a highly satisfying project. Maybe I could make a quilt one day. Not yet… more clothes to sew first. Please don’t eat the fabric!

    • I had printing problems too, and just assumed the grainline marks on the bodice and sleeve patterns were the same distance from the fold line, if that makes sense. Seemed to work.

      It’s certainly not small on Bubble. Bit of an off-the-shoulder look happening. I really like the shoulder detail, though that is a bit lost when it’s not sitting right.

      Next challenge is to see how the fabric copes with watermelon and black icing stains…

  2. So nice to spot this dress and it’s gorgeous little wearer at the park today! Looked fantastic, well done.
    (and my husband thought your partner’s eye roll when you declared you’d met another sewing blogger was the right response)

    • Thank you! Nice to know I sewed the pattern successfully enough for it to be spotted in the wild! And now you have a link to the fabric source, too. 🙂

      Eye rolls from husbands are considered a typical response though, right?!

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