Sally in the wild

As promised, Sally in action:

I did say the photos were conditional on Bubble liking the dress, and the first reaction I got when I asked her to put it on was a resounding NO. But we got there eventually.

It’s a lovely, floaty frock for Bubble to frolic about in on a (rare) beautiful Melbourne afternoon. We were at a party for the first birthday of Miss Tilly, and a fantastic time was had, even if it involved dribbly watermelon, black iced chocolate cake and Bubble’s first skinned knee.

20131103-213630.jpgLike Anna, I had a bit of a problem printing the bodice pattern (the fold line didn’t print). At the time I just carried on, but in hindsight, maybe this had something to do with the slightly off-the-shoulder look Bubble was sporting. But she is quite petite, and I’m not convinced I’d be able to get it over her head if the bodice was any narrower. Some of the pattern photos seem to have wider shoulder straps than I ended up with; perhaps user error is the answer?

20131103-214246.jpg[pic source here]

Regardless, I’m really pleased how this turned out, and am looking forward to making it again, with sleeves and pockets this time.

I was also quite chuffed that my handiwork was recognised as a handmade Sally ‘in the wild’ by Lightning McStitch. We had a lovely (if brief!) chat about sewing and patterns, and discovered that our respective partners had much the same reaction to our enthusiasm for sewing and blogging.

So lovely to chat, it totally made my weekend!


3 thoughts on “Sally in the wild

  1. Found my way over from Lightening McStitch’s blog 🙂 It’s darling! I love your fabric. I have this one printed but haven’t yet sewn it up, my little one is pretty narrow, I’m a little worried about where the shoulders will land.

    • Thanks for saying hi!
      I always thought Bubble had broad shoulders, but I guess not so much. I’ve a couple more if these planned though, and I think I’ll make the straps a bit wider to see if that compensates and keeps them up. Let me know if you find a better solution! 🙂

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