Is it finished?

No, not yet.

Shorty is in the midst of a big dress phase, and has few to choose from (relatively speaking; she’s 2, so I’m lucky if an outfit lasts the day without needing to be changed).

So in an effort to Sew All The Things, you know now, 2 days before Christmas, today I almost made her another Crafterhours Racerback dress.

I say almost, because she HAD to wear it before it was hemmed or had the binding attached to the arm holes. Hell, I think one side seam is even unfinished. But she could try it on, and that’s (apparently) the important thing.

It’s the pinkest thing I’ve ever made in my life, and to counter it, the next frock will be black. Bubble wanted a dress with pink lace, so I used it on the back yoke, underlining it with the pink knit. You can get away with a bit less stretch in the fabric on this section, but you do need to be mindful of the neck; it’s a bit of a squeeze getting a toddler noggin through the hole, even if you don’t get all fancy with lace. Which I learnt the first time I made this dress. And promptly forgot.

I have a big pile of $2/m jersey and tshirts to upcycle, but today’s session was aborted prematurely due to my back being irritatingly painful. I wasted a whole lot of time today trying to salvage stupid mistakes, so maybe after a rest tonight I’ll get a few more easy dresses finished tomorrow.

I may also attempt to blog some things, since Sonja has sent all this traffic my way. 😄

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